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#2 Professor Leonard Collard; Noongar Elder and community leader talking about being INCREDIBLE, transitioning into eldership and being a leader

January 24, 2020

Len is a Noongar elder, professor and Australian Research Council chief investigator at the School of Indigenous Studies University of Western Australia.

Len is a Whadjuk/Balardong Noongar, the traditional owners of the Perth region of Western Australia. He has a background in literature and communications. His research includes Noongar interpretive histories and Noongar theoretical and practical research models.

In 2011 Len commenced a three-year study of Noongar place names and intends to create a public website of 25,000 Noongar words for different places around the South West of Western Australia. In 2014 he announced his project to create the world's first online Aboriginal encyclopaedia, Noongarpedia, to preserve the endangered Noongar language 

Len has been part of the Indigenous Communities Education and Awareness Foundation (ICEA) as an ICEA Classic patron, since its establishment in 2011.

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