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#11: Dan Collins Sprint Canoe 4 x Olympian; Silver and Bronze medalist, resilience, focus, winners mentality and high performance

April 3, 2020

Lockie chats to Olympian, sports advisor and thought leader Dan Collins about vulnerability and resilience.

From humble beginnings growing up in Blacktown, to competing on the world stage across four Olympic Games, Dan Collins’ ongoing pursuit for excellence is nothing short of convincing.  

Since retiring from his Olympic quest for Gold in the sport of Kayaking, taking home both Silver and Bronze medals along with numerous World Championships, Dan has focused his energy on managing transformational, organisational change, driving accountability and performance in the corporate world.

Dan began his thought leadership unbeknownst to him when he tested his performance concepts in the cut and thrust of elite sport within the Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Football League, National Rugby League and International Rugby.

Recognising every culture is the result of the sum of the individuals involved, irrespective of title, position or hierarchy, Dan works with organisations in creating a culture of accountability and winners at all levels.


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